Treating Yeast Infections Naturally

ACUTE INFECTION needs immediate attention. You need to use a preparation for a short term to treat the symptoms and the surface problem of the infection.

CHRONIC OR RECURRING INFECTION needs both immediate treatment of the surface problem and long-term treatment of the reasons that the problem just keeps coming back.

The long-term treatment is in your power. For the infection to leave your body forever, you can make changes in your body so that it stops being such an inviting place for Candida albicans to live and grow. If you have any underlying disease such as anemia or diabetes, continue to treat it while treating your Candida albicans infection. Good health is the best defense against Candida albicans infection.

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing means thinking about how all the parts of your whole living system — physical, mental, and emotional — are connected, instead of concentrating on each part separately. Treating yeast infections holistically aims to replace the normal helper bacteria so that your body regains a healthy balance of the bacterial count. Holistic healing also focuses on all the things around you, including your environment and the people you interact with. For example, if you have a vaginal infection it is important to treat your partner – especially in cases of chronic yeast infections.91,92 Having your doctor say to you, “Here is your pill, see you later,” will not cure the yeast infection. Yeast infections are easily passed back and forth between partners and in many cases, especially in men, the infections do not cause symptoms. Treating your partner, using condoms, and avoiding tight fitting clothing are all examples of a holistic approach to treatment.

Learn to recognize and control anything — poor diet, drugs, alcohol,

stress, fatigue — which lowers your body’s natural resistance to disease.

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